Home Inspector Background / Qualifications:

Evan Robitaille Licensed home Inspector
Evan Robitaille
  • Licensed NH Home Inspector # 405.
  • Licensed MA Home Inspector # 801.
  • Thousands Of Inspections Completed.
  • Passed National Home Inspector Exam (2014).
  • ASHI Fall 2016 Pest Control Matters Seminar.
  • ASHI Fall 2014 Plumbing Educational Conference.
  • ASHI Fall 2014 Structural Educational Conference.
  • ASHI (IR) Camera Use For Home Inspectors Seminar.
  • ASHI Fall 2015 Building Code Educational Conference.
  • ASHI Fall 2015 Chimney Issues Educational Conference.
  • NEPMA Wood Destroying Insect Inspection 2 Day Program.
  • ASHI MA Standards of Practice & Ethics Seminar Nov. 2015.
  • ASHI 2016 Seminar, Chimneys, Fireplaces & Hearth Applications.
  • ASHI Fall 2015 MA Standards of Practice Educational Conference.
  • ASHI Seminar Fall 2016 Field-Applied Polyurethane Foam Systems &
  • ASHI Preventing & Remediating Structural Insulated Panel Installation Problems.
  • ASHI Summer 2017 Heating & Air Conditioning & NH Revisions To Building Regulations.
  • ASHI Winter 2018 Standards of Practice & MA Code of Ethics & Overhead Garage Door Openers.
  • ASHI Seminar Fall 2019 Standards of Practice, MA Code of Ethics, Future of Home Construction, Specialty Heating & Structural Defects.
  • Due to Covid-19, educational credit courses have been taken on-line during 2020 & 2021.
Home Inspections By Dennis Robitaille
Dennis Robitaille – Retired

  • Licensed MA Home Inspector # 007.
  • Licensed NH Home Inspector # 111.
  • Over 9,000 inspections completed.
  • Past Member Laconia, NH Building Code of Appeals.
  • Past Member Laconia, NH Zoning Board Of Adjustment.
  • Past Member Building Committee Town of Saugus, MA.
  • Past Member American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
  • Past Member Board of Directors ASHI New England Chapter.
  • Retained by MA State Licensing Board to serve as expert witness.
  • Helped get homebuyer protection into MA Home Inspector Licensing Law.
  • Completed hundreds of hours of inspection classes since 1983
    (some of those are listed below).

About The Inspection:

Single family home inspections around 2000 Sq. Ft. require around 3  hours on site, the report and photo editing requires another 3 hours to complete. Travel time averages about 1 hour. That’s why, in most cases, we only do one inspection / report per day. The report with color photos are e-mailed within 6 hours after the inspection. An inspection done to the MA or NH Standards of Practice for most homes around 2000 Sq. Ft. of living area is $595, larger homes or antique homes a little more, condos, smaller homes a little less. You are not paying just for time, but also for knowledge, the more experienced the home inspector, the more knowledge you will gain.

Inspection Related Educational Seminars Completed:

Ethics: 11-21-09. Electrical: 11-21-96. Pest Control: 5-24-04. Gas Heating 3-24-94. Inspection Regulations: 11-21-09. All About Roofs: 11-16-00. Basement Issues: 10-4-04. Structural Seminar 10-26-06. Sick House Syndrome: 11-19-92. Wheel Of Inspections: 19-19-06. Inspecting Older Homes: 9-27-01. ASHI Fall Conference 9-20-2010. ASHI Fall Conference 9-21-2010. ASHI Fall Conference Day One 2012. ASHI Fall Conference Day Two 2012. Central Heating Systems: 10-27-05. Central Cooling Training: 5-23-00. Residential Water Systems: 6-23-93. Structural Issues Seminar: 03-24-05. Electrical Issues Workshop: 1-13-05. Heating Seminar And Ethics: 11-6-08. Update On Building Codes: 5-27-99. Building Materials Seminar: 3-28-02. Roof And Ice Dam Seminar-3-19-09. Fire Safety & Code Compliance 6-27-13. Micro Heat Power Round table: 12-16-10. Pests, Bees And Termite Control: 6-22-00. Structural Investigation & Repair: 11-20-97. Forensic Fire Investigations 1-24-13. Report Writing & Electrical Seminar: 9-24-03. Home Inspector Regulations Seminar: 4-18-07. Wood Framing & Vinyl Siding Seminar: 3-27-03. Professional Techniques And Procedures: 3-3-01. ASHI Fall Conference – Sturbridge Village 9-24-07. Condensation Control & Mold In Buildings: 6-22-06. Role Of BBB And Use Of World Wide Web: 6-24-10. Public Health, Ground Water & Water Wells: 1-30-07. Massachusetts Home Inspection Regulations: 4-24-03. Building Failures Due To Moisture Problems: 11-18-93. The New MA Standards of Practice Seminar: 11-29-07. Legal Case Studies & Practices / Home Inspection: 11-6-04. Problems & Solutions In Light Frame Construction: 5-26-94. Inspection Of Wood, Slate & Asphalt Roof Coverings: 9-28-95. Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps & Oil Burning Equipment: 3-28-96. Structural Inspections Of Single & Multi-Family Dwellings: 3-26-92. American Ground Water Trust Public Health, Wells Seminar: 1-30-07. The Day in the life of a Realtor & Foundation Crack Inspection Seminar: 3-21-13. Home Inspector’s Seminar-Strawberry Banke (Antique Homes) 9-9-96 and 9-10-96. Preventing Conflicts Between Humans, Structures & Subterranean Termites: 3-8-02. 2014 ASHI Fall Conference Day 1. 2014 ASHI Fall Conference Day 2. Pests & Wood Destroying Insects 1-15-2015. Inferred Camera Use 4-23-2015. ASHI Fall 2015 Building Code, Chimney Issues & MA Standards of Practice, Educational Conference. 2016 ASHI Seminar, Chimneys, Fireplaces & Hearth Applications. Field-Applied Polyurethane Foam Systems Seminar – Preventing & Remediating Problems In SIP Installation 9/22/2016 ASHI Northern New England Chapter – ASHI Fall 2016 Pest Control Matters Seminar. ASHI 2017 Heating & Air Conditioning Seminar. ASHI Seminar Fall 2019 Standards of Practice, MA Code of Ethics, Future of Home Construction, Specialty Heating & Structural Defects (Verification / certificates for any of the above, are available upon request.)