Can You Afford A “Competitively” Priced Home Inspector?

Price shopping home inspectors?

Inspection fees vary considerably and many inspectors prove how inexperienced they are by charging the same low fee, no matter the size of the house, the age or how complicated it is to inspect.

Real estate agencies charge 3.0% to 6.0% to sell a house, that’s $18,000 to $36,000 for a $600,000 house! If the inspection fee on a $600,000 house is $600, that’s less than .001% of the cost of the house.

If the owner of a house is willing to pay a real estate agent $18,000 to $36,000 to sell a house, is $600 too much to find out the property’s true condition? What have you saved when the “competitively priced” (inexperienced) inspector fails to uncover a major (expensive) issue or fails to properly convey important findings?

Have you viewed a sample report from the “competitively priced” inspection company? Does it include photo documentation? (unlikely) Is it a handwritten checklist report? (likely) View 3 pages of a “competitively priced” inspection report.

If a thorough inspection, full narrative report and photo editing of an average size home takes 5 to 7 hours, (not counting travel time) how “thorough” is the inspector who does two inspections and reports in a day?

Here’s a few pages from a really cheap inspection (it doesn’t even meet the home inspection standards of practice for MA or NH)  $250 worthless inspection report sample.

What’s the alternative to a cheap and practically useless handwritten checklist report?
Click to view sample professional narrative report:

The real value of an inspection and report is measured by its usefulness. So is choosing your home inspector based solely on the inspection fee, a wise decision?