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People Often Ask, “Why Don’t You Have A Set inspection Fee?”

Simple answer, in home inspection, one size does not fit all.

After inspecting over 8,000 homes, I know I can inspect some homes or condos in around 2 hours but some can take over 4 hours. I also know it takes around 2 hours to complete a report on some homes or condos and over 4 hours on others.

Money: Let’s put things in perspective: If you’re buying a $700,000 house and the inspection costs $700, that’s less than 0.001% of the cost of the house! Most real estate agencies charge around 5.00% to sell a home, that would be $35,000 for a $700,000 house!

The cost of a home inspection is a bargain compared to the real estate agent’s commission. Aside from the time invested, the value of the inspection and report can be measured by its usefulness.

If the inspection finds serious problems, your $700 could end up saving you many thousands. If a real estate agent tells you that you can get an inspector for $500 or less, ask them if that is the inspector, they would use for their own home purchase!

Remember, home inspectors know the value of their service and charge accordingly. (FYI, in Massachusetts, if a real estate agent, other than a true buyers agent, recommends or steers you to a particular home inspector, they are violating the real estate licensing law and should be reported).

If the inspection turns up little wrong with the house, you’ve bought some relatively inexpensive peace of mind.

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