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MA Home Inspector License #007
NH Home Inspector License #111
Maine & Vermont do not have inspector licensing

Attorney References:
Atty Daniel Veerman
Antico, Barrett, Burke & Kornitsky, LLP

Important Advisory From The Law Firm Of Antico, Barrett, Burke, & Kornitsky, LLP:

The attorneys at the Peabody Law Firm of Antico, Barrett, Burke & Kornitsky, LLP have been referring our home buying clients to Able Home Inspection since 1983. Attorney Anthony Antico hired Dennis for his own home inspection in 1984. Since that time all the partners in the Law Firm including several associates have personally used the services of Able Home Inspection.

Our clients who have utilized the inspection services of Able Home Inspection have expressed total satisfaction. Unlike many home inspectors, Dennis does not solicit nor depend upon real estate agents for client leads. He's able to offer a non-bias statement of property condition. Dennis has always felt there's a potential conflict of interest when the real estate agent selling a home is the same person who refers the home inspector to the prospective buyer. The attorneys at Antico, Barrett, Burke & Kornitsky, LLP share that same concern.

Speaking from personal experience, the attorneys of this firm without reservation, highly recommend Able Home Inspection, as the home inspection company of choice for home buyers who demand top quality service from a licensed professional working in their behalf. The inspection reports are accurate, complete and very informative.

You may contact this firm for further reference.

Antico, Barrett, Burke & Kornitsky, LLP
Peabody, MA 01960

Client Reviews

Dear Dennis, you have an unerring eye for detail. If there's a problem in a house, you'll find it. You inspected a home for me and had a concern about some boxes stacked up on a porch. You removed the boxes to discover extensive water damage on an exterior wall. Your vast inspection experience shows in what seems to be an intuitive understanding of houses, their structures, and their systems -- their personalities if you will. Your approach is thorough, efficient and no-nonsense. The inspection reports you have generated are well organized, clear, comprehensive and prepared the same day. Best of all your many digital pictures tell a thousand words! Thank you! I have more than received a good value for your service. V Tane

Dennis, I thought you might be curious to learn the outcome of our situation at the Dover property. The owner and realtors kept insisting that the 20-inch deep flood evidence that you identified in the garage was not credible. We located the previous owners who confirmed that indeed such a flood had taken place, infiltrating the garage and basement. Thank you for saving us from a potential financial and literal sinkhole. Best regards, J.W.

Dennis, spending a little more to hire you proved well worth the cost. I was impressed that you quickly identified the gas leaks and the improperly secured gas fired water heater vent pipe, whereas the home inspector for the other unit missed those issues entirely. Those are serious safety risks but a plumber has been scheduled to fix the problems. I am also requesting that the seller rid the basement of the mold that you found. I am happy to recommend you to other homebuyers and will keep your information for when I move on from this condo into a single family home. FYI - the seller accepted my entire punch list, including sealing and securing the basement door. The inspection more than paid for itself. Best regards, Sean Benak, Boston

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Letter From Attorney Daniel J. Veerman

My name is Daniel J. Veerman and I have been an attorney in Massachusetts since 1992. I am currently practicing with a firm whose main focus is residential and commercial real estate, representing lenders, sellers and purchasers of properties throughout eastern MA.

My initial experience with Dennis Robitaille was when I purchased my first home many years ago. Dennis was recommended by another attorney (and close friend) who insisted I use his home inspection services. I resisted the initial impulse to "go cheap" with one of the checklist home inspection factories so favored by the real estate broker profession. You know the ones to whom I am referring, as their name usually incorporates some type of animal. This singular decision has saved me literally thousands of dollars over the years, and my professional association with Dennis has directly benefited countless numbers of friends, family and clientele.

Within the last few months my wife and I were back in the market for a new home. An example of the faith I have in Dennis is the fact we engaged his services three times over that period alone. His keen attention to detail and thorough evaluation of each of these properties not only prevented us from buying in to a number of serious headaches, but directly resulted in finding our dream home. It is extremely comforting to know my home inspector works only for me, and has no interest in cementing a deal or glossing over a problem with a home in order to keep the broker who refers him business happy.

Dennis has also assisted my family and clients by identifying troublesome issues with a property which become the subject of negotiation with the sellers, saving thousands of dollars. His detailed narrative reports are so useful, most of my clients tell me they use them as a reference tool for years after they purchase their home.

In sum, I am extremely fortunate to know Dennis. Being present at his inspection is a learning experience in itself, and alone is worth his fee. For years I have referred everyone looking for a professional licensed MA or NH home inspector to him. It is particularly telling that not only have I never heard a complaint, every single person has contacted me afterwards to rave about his service. I recommend him wholeheartedly without any reservation.

Daniel J. Veerman, Esquire

Cellai Law Offices, P.C.
Boston (617) 367-2199

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Please Note: In MASS it's a violation of the MA Real Estate Licensing Law for a real estate broker (seller's agent) or salesperson to directly refer a home inspector to a prospective home buying customer. MA Agents are prohibited from handing out a list of home inspectors, unless that list contains the names of all licensed MA home inspectors. Agents are not permitted to steer you to or away from any particular home inspectors. If you feel an agent has violated that law, complete this form from the Massachusetts Office Of Investigations, Division Of Professional Licensure:

Section 87YY5 further states: At the time of the signing of the first written contract to purchase, real estate brokers and salesmen, or the seller if no broker or salesperson is involved in the sale, shall distribute a brochure, published by the office of consumer affairs and business regulations, educating consumers about the home inspection process:

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